Volume[1] - Interlude 1 - A Curious Vision From Beyond

Author’s Note: I don’t like to break my promises; but the next chapter is taking longer to finish than I expected due to Covid-19, lack of sleep, random mood swings, my indecision over major plot points, and work-related stuff. So please bear with me.

I thought it was time for a little change of pace before I started making certain decisions about the plot, so here you have it.

In the beginning, inside an empty, timeless void, an entity became aware.

The entity spent countless aeons in seclusion. Awake, but lonely. Aware, but barely. It couldn’t settle on a single form to call its own, for it lacked experience. It gave up on its empty existence. It gave in to slumber, and then it dreamt.

As it dreamt of fantastic things, motes of burning potential left its cradle. These particles coalesced into existence; they swirled and circled, combined and congealed into nebulas that spread endlessly.

Slowly, and over the span of countless aeons, they gathered more potential and converged into tiny kernels. Each kernel was a strong dream that had its own set of rules. When the potential reached a breaking point, these kernels exploded in an act of creation and turned into tangible matter. Violent reactions and countless big bangs erupted and—amongst stranger things—multifarious universes with stars and planets were birthed therein. Each with its own sets of laws and different quirks.

The universes slowly settled and began to develop, and some of these universes eventually contained consciousness. Beings in those universes lived and died, bringing about countless stories and endless tragedies. But in the end, they all shared one origin, and their souls were bound to the particles of potentia, and thus they returned to the unfathomable entity that dreamt them into being.

Through them, the entity experienced everything, every moment of joy and strife, of gain and loss, of success and failure, of love and hatred, and of life and death. And thus it gained new perspectives to reflect and learn more about itself.

As more consciousness sprang into existence, the beings in those dreams dreamt new dreams of their own.

The particles of potentia flowed and migrated into those new and bewildering dreams, building them from nothing into tangible things, and thus new layers of existence came to be.

The worlds in those layers gave birth to new beings, who also dreamt worlds of their own, and thus a cycle was established. With dreams giving birth to new worlds, and new worlds giving rise to new dreams, and all of creation feeding the Dreamer’s insatiable desire for more knowledge, and more experience.

With every successive layer of dreams, things became more tangible and real. From potential, came energy and from energy, formed pseudo-matter; and as things developed, the laws of physics were altered, refined, and perfected.

The pseudo-matter grew more organised. It grew firmer in its immutability, and thus the building blocks of reality and unshakable rules of physics as you know them came into being.

Countless potential universes were dead-ends that couldn’t stabilise enough to give rise to life, since with every new successful layer of reality, the complexity of lifeforms increased, and the presence of free potentia became scarcer and scarcer.

At the terminus, there was no room for allowances; because potentia was completely bound and shackled by its own rules. Due to this, more universes became barren, and the re-emergence of life was much more difficult.

That is how the manifold of existence unfolded, and how the endless threads of potentia converged to give rise to you, at the periphery of this invisible filament that extends all the way back to a single point, to The Cradle of Creation, and the Dreamer slumbering within.

You are beings of the terminus. You are beings of the fringe. You are the giants standing atop the shoulders of countless dreamers who dreamt of perfection and realised their dream.

You are human. One of the precious, golden fruits of ceaseless creation. It falls upon you to end this dream. Gain enlightenment, return to the cradle and complete the cycle of creation. For you are at the apex of everything, standing on the precipice of the cosmos.

Upon your shoulders rests the greatest of burdens: to climb your way through verisimilitudes and reach the Dreamer. End the dream, and unify all creation.

For you are perfect. For you are real.

Awaken the true creator… and shape Him in your image.